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Challenges with Tosfrit snacks for the smallest cookers

Looking for exciting and original ways to spend time with friends and family? Snack challenges are the perfect option to add a touch of fun to any gathering. With Tosfrit’s delicious products, you can create a series of challenges that are not only entertaining, but also delicious. In this blog post, we propose some snack challenges that are sure to make your next get-together unforgettable – get ready to laugh, compete and enjoy with Tosfrit!

Appetizer creation competition

This challenge is perfect for those who love cooking and creativity. It consists of creating original and delicious snacks using Tosfrit snacks as the main ingredients. It’s a great way to explore new combinations of flavours and textures.

To prepare it, gather the ingredients, provide a variety of Tosfrit snacks, such as Totas or Popcorn, as well as additional ingredients such as sauces, cheeses, vegetables and meats. It defines a time limit for creating the snacks, for example 30 minutes, and also clear evaluation criteria, such as taste, creativity and presentation. The idea of this challenge is that in record time you can create different snacks made from the same ingredients, Tosfrit snacks, so it is a great way to encourage creativity and improvisation in the kitchen.

Blind tastings of flavours

Blind tastings are a fun way to test the palate of your friends and family. This snack challenge consists of identifying the flavours of different Tosfrit products while blindfolded. It’s a simple activity, but guarantees laughs and surprises.

First choose a wide variety of Tosfrit products. We recommend that you divide the tasting in two: first a tasting of different appetizers that have very distinctive and easy to recognise flavours such as Panojitos, ketchup flavoured Apetinas or barbecue flavoured Kaskys, as they are the most emblematic and easy to recognise snacks and will be good to start the first round easier. Afterwards, we suggest a more difficult round of Totas only, in which you have to guess the different flavours, such as the goat cheese and caramelised onion Totas, the Totas fuet or the salt and vinegar Totas

To organise the tasting, place each product in a container, number them and prevent the participants from seeing the containers in order to maintain the mystery. It is therefore very important to wear blindfolds or masks, so that everyone can taste the snack without looking and identify its flavour and, if they succeed, its name. You can even organise a ranking of the best players and the winner can win a prize!

Dinner with Tosfrit recipes 

The next challenge is similar to the first one, but instead of being a competition where you have to prepare the dishes in a set time all at the same time, this time we propose to organise a dinner or lunch where everyone brings a recipe made using Tosfrit products. On our Instagram you can find ideas and ready-made recipes, where you can get inspiration and organise what each of you should bring so that you can enjoy a different dinner full of snacks.

As you’ve seen, snack challenges are a fun and delicious way to spend time with friends and family. Whether it’s blind tasting flavours, creating original snacks or competing in the kitchen, these challenges offer entertainment and an excellent opportunity to enjoy Tosfrit snacks in a different way. Get involved in organising these challenges and share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok by tagging Tosfrit!