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tosfrit and our fantastic four

Tosfrit and our fantastic four

Within the Earth’s globe, there are countless things that resemble each other and that we could compare. For example, a bride’s veil with my grandmother’s curtains, a green parakeet with a piece of lettuce, a fresh egg with a peach in syrup, a walnut with a brain… Today, we won’t talk about any of these comparisons, today we’ll talk about TOSFRIT AND OUR FANTASTIC FOUR.

What?! Yes, that’s right. Let’s break it down.


Who doesn’t remember Reed Richards, the “Mr. Fantastic”? That scientific genius who stretched as much as the chewing gum that sticks to the sole of your shoe. His intelligence was evident at first sight, as he could stretch his body in incredible lengths and shapes. It’s impossible that you haven’t found a comparison yet! Tosfrit’s Torcis are the twin brother of Mr. Fantastic. Both are capable of taking various shapes and have the ability to be “twisty.”


On the other hand, we have “The Invisible Woman.” Susan “Sue” Storm, the first superheroine created by Marvel and our favorite! She was able to become invisible as if she were Harry Potter’s own invisible cloak and also create powerful force fields. Obviously, we can see a direct resemblance between her and the Totas Campesinas. Both have the ability to vanish quickly, barely being seen, now they’re gone.


Now, who doesn’t remember Ben, “The Thing”? A grumpy but benevolent being and Reed’s friend. The giant orange rock was able to lift infinite tons of weight, with incredible ease, he could move anything he wanted. We’ve given you a clue! We can compare our beloved Ben with the delicious Bolas. Orange, magnificent, and big like strong superheroes.


And let’s not forget Johnny Storms, “The Human Torch,” Sue’s brother. This superhero is capable of generating giant flames, surrounding himself with them, and flying. With his fire powers, he could do anything, even fry a piece of pork. That’s why we’ll talk about the Fritos, crispy potato chips that, just like The Human Torch, have the power to fry everyone, although these, with the pleasure of a good moment of relaxation.

What do you think of our comparison? Do you have a better one to share with us? Don’t hesitate, and share it with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok!