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Tosfrit wins the Best Chip 2022 Award of the Snacks Seminar

On September 29th, the XV Snack Seminar took place at the NH Nacional hotel on Paseo del Prado in Madrid, under the theme “The fifth dimension of snacks.” The event was organized by the Association of Manufacturers in the sector and the magazine Dulces Noticias… y algo más. The seminar also included the XIII Snack Competition, in which Tosfrit won the Best Chip 2022 Award with their Extra Crunchy Totas.

Over a hundred professionals gathered at the event to exchange insights on the latest market trends, changes in consumer habits, and sustainability as a differentiating factor. During the session, important topics were discussed, such as the severe raw material crisis and the rising costs of both raw materials and energy, and how these factors impact the entire production chain.

In terms of sustainability, commitments were made to reduce carbon footprint by 20% in the coming years, with a strong emphasis on local production and purchasing from suppliers within our area of influence.

However, there were also moments to set objectives for ongoing work. Among them, reducing food waste and minimizing water consumption were highlighted, as they are crucial in these challenging times.

As a culmination of the seminar, a contest was organized, with a total of 49 snacks and nuts participating. Through a blind tasting, the professionals in the sector themselves voted for the following categories:

  • Best Fried Potato 2022
  • Best Cereal Snack 2022
  • Best Vegetable Snack 2022
  • Best Nut 2022
  • Best Packaging 2022

Among the different categories, Tosfrit was awarded the Best Fried Potato 2022 with their specialty, Extra Crunchy Totas with Sea Salt. It is the most premium fried potato in our snack catalog.