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Plans and snacks to make the return to the routine more pleasant

The vacation season may have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun and enjoyment should stop. In this blog, we bring you a guide full of exciting plans and delicious snacks that will help you smooth the transition from vacation to the daily routine. Getting back to the routine doesn’t have to be boring with these perfect plans and snacks!

Discover new trails in nature

Take advantage of the crisp fall air to explore trails near your city. Hiking is a great way to recharge and clear your mind after work. Be sure to pack your favorite Totas Campesinas or Kaskys to enjoy a tasty snack while immersed in nature.

Movie nights at home

Movie nights at home are the perfect alternative to a night out. Create a cozy atmosphere with blankets and pillows, choose your favorite movies and pair them with a selection of Butter Flavored Popcorn and Torcis. The taste of movies comes to your home! The little ones at home will love this plan. 

Cozy Reading Evenings

Autumn is the perfect season to immerse yourself in a good book. Just find a good book, prepare your favorite drink and accompany it with a packet of classic Apetinas Ketchup. The combination of flavors will transport you to a peaceful and relaxing moment. 

Don’t give up your social gatherings. 

Miss spending time with friends and family? Organize a fun plan at home. You can have a board game night, a series marathon or prepare a delicious snack with Tosfrit. Our Assorted Mixes are ideal for sharing and tasting a variety of flavors. 

Mini weekend getaways

Even if the vacations are over, don’t miss the opportunity to take short weekend getaways. Explore nearby places, and take your favorite Tosfrit snacks with you to nibble on while enjoying new adventures.


The return to routine can be an exciting time if it’s filled with activities and special moments. With these Tosfrit plans and snacks, you’ll be ready to face your days with energy and joy. So, go ahead! Make the routine an opportunity to create lasting memories and savor every moment. And be sure to share your photos and videos with these games on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and  Tiktok by tagging Tosfrit!