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Pair Your French Fries the Traditional Way

Last month, we told you about the exciting launch of our Traditional Style Potato Chips. Crispy, tasty and now available in a convenient new 200g format for just €1.50, these chips are a real treat for the senses. But why enjoy them on their own when you can take your snacking experience to another level? In this blog, we present you three delicious appetizers that will perfectly complement your Tosfrit’s Traditional Style Potato Chips.

Dip as much as you want 

What better way to enjoy your Traditional Style Potato Chips than dipping them in your favorite dips? From a creamy cheese sauce to a spicy salsa or a tomato sauce with fresh herbs, the possibilities are endless. Place an assortment of sauces in small containers and dip your potatoes in the one you like best. Every bite will be an explosion of flavor and texture.

Fake Nachos 

If you’re a nacho lover, you’ll love this variation. Instead of using traditional corn nachos, replace them with crispy Traditional Style Potato Chips. Spread them out on a platter and generously top them with shredded cheese. Then add your favorite toppings like jalapenos, onions, tomatoes and olives. Bake until the cheese melts and serve these “faux nachos” with a touch of avocado salsa or sour cream – an appetizer that will surprise your guests!

 Montadito with Hot Sauce

For a more sophisticated appetizer experience, we present the “Montadito de Patata Frita con Berberechos y Salsa Picante”. Place a potato chip on a plate and add some canned cockles on top. Then, drizzle with a hot sauce of your choice. The combination of the crispy potato, the sea flavor of the cockles and the spicy touch of the sauce creates an appetizer that will delight your palate.

With these three appetizer options, your Tosfrit’s Traditional Style Potato Chips become the center of a unique dining experience. Whether you dip them in sauces, transform them into “fake nachos” or turn them into an original montadito, we are sure that these combinations will make you enjoy your snacking moments even more. So what are you waiting for, get out your Tosfrit’s Traditional Style Potato Chips and start experimenting with these delicious snacks! Enjoy every bite with those you love the most and share your recipes with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok!