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A journey through our smokiest snacks

In the world of food, there are flavours that simply capture the essence of happy moments, gatherings with friends and that special touch that makes every bite memorable. One of the flavours that arouses interest is barbecue, a favourite choice for lovers of intense, smoky sensations.Tosfritas

We start with Tosfritas, a real discovery for lovers of new and special flavours. Baked to perfection, these corn delights offer an exceptional crunch accompanied by an intense, smoky flavour. Their light and airy texture makes them the ideal snack for any time of the day, guaranteeing an unforgettable taste experience.

Kaskys Barbacoa

For those who love a more intense texture and a flavour that resonates with every bite, Kaskys are the perfect choice. The delicious fried corn rings capture the essence of barbecue flavour, making an ideal mix of crispy and smoky. They are the ideal companion for those moments of leisure and enjoyment wherever you are.

Fritos Barbacoa

Delicious corn strips are a bold interpretation of the classic barbecue flavour. Their unique shape and extensively crispy texture make each piece a taste adventure in itself. Perfect for those looking for an intense and satisfying experience, this snack is a testament to Tosfrit’s commitment to quality and taste.

EXTRA waved BBQ flavoured Totas

We can’t forget about the most popular and typical snack: French fries. Totas represent the perfect union between crispy potato chunks and intense barbecue flavour. Their extra wavy texture captures more flavour in each curl, offering a rich and deep taste experience. Ideal for true fans of barbecue flavour, these crisps will be a treasure for you.

At Tosfrit, we’ve been able to represent the love of barbecue flavour in our snacks by offering a variety of products to suit every palate. From Kaskys to Fritos, each option is an invitation to enjoy moments full of flavour and joy. Dive into the world of barbecue flavour with Tosfrit and discover your new favourite snack. Share with us your favourite barbecue flavoured snack on social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok tagging Tosfrit!