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Un cuento de aventura: “Viaje al planeta Tosfrit”

Once upon a time there was a school where every day, when the bell rang for recess, the children ran out into the playground to play and share their break time. Among them was Laura, a curious girl who was a bit different from the others, and one day, while all the children had gone to break at the sound of the bell, Laura decided to stay in class. She was feeling a bit tired and preferred to enjoy her lunch in peace before going out into the hustle and bustle of the playground. She took some fruit out of her backpack that her mother had lovingly and lovingly cut for her.

After finishing her snack, tiredness got the better of her and she decided to take a little nap at her little table. When she woke up, she found a strange and amusing figure in front of her. It was Plante Tosfrit, the guardian of a world full of surprises and adventures. Plante spoke to her with enthusiasm and showed her a shiny rocket that would take them to a special place: the planet Tosfrit. Without thinking twice, Laura accepted the invitation and boarded the rocket with Plante.

When they arrived on the planet Tosfrit, they encountered so many adventures that Laura would never forget. They discovered a pool full of cheese-flavoured Kaskys, where they played games and threw the circles of Kaskys to see who would win. Then, they visited a park full of Crazy Hands who made her laugh with their antics. The adventure continued in a discotheque where the Apetinas danced to the rhythm of the music, bringing Laura to the rhythm of the music. Laura enjoyed every moment as if it were a dream come true. But the best was yet to come. Plante took Laura to a giant tree, bigger than any tree she had ever seen. Laura couldn’t believe her eyes, it was a tree that instead of leaves had different packs of Tosfrit in every flavour imaginable!

After exploring and enjoying herself to the fullest, Plante brought Laura back to Earth, just in time to return to her class. Laura woke up thinking that it had all been a dream and that she would never have the same adventure again, but suddenly, she looked at her backpack and saw that it was all full of tasty Tosfrit snacks! 

Laura rushed home excited to tell her parents about her incredible journey through space to a world full of flavours and fun. They were sure that everything Laura was telling them was a dream until she showed them the backpack full of Tosfrit snacks. That’s when they realised it wasn’t a dream. Laura and her parents enjoyed the rest of the day watching movies, playing board games and sharing the delicious snacks from the Tosfrit planet.