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The best books and snacks for your reading moments

The world of books is so vast that every reader has the desire to explore this magical world through the pages of a book. But what if we combine this literary passion with the pleasure of the taste of a perfectly chosen snack? At Tosfrit, we want to accompany you in every reading moment, that’s why we present you with a unique guide where our favourite snacks are paired with literary classics, promising to take your next reading session to the next level.

The magic of Harry Potter 

Discover the magical world of Harry Potter with a snack that captures the essence of this universe: Torcis Chilli-Lima. Torcis are chili-lime-flavoured fried corn sticks, perfect for those who love unique sensations. Goat’s cheese and caramelised onion-flavoured Totas are also a perfect choice to enjoy with this crunchy snack from the Harry Potter plots. Each, in its own way, adds a magical touch to your Harry Potter reading, from the bold taste of Torcis Chilli-Lime to the originality of Goat’s Cheese & Caramelised Onion Totas

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Immerse yourself in the surreal world of Alice with our Assortment Mix. The perfect mix for a reading experience full of surprises and discoveries.

When you discover “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” you will find a world where the unexpected is the norm, much like the experience of trying our Suertido Mix. In this assortment, you’ll find a mix of fried and baked snacks. From the classic Apetinas, to our crispy Ruedas, and more. This snack is perfect to accompany the twists and turns of this classic narrative, where every bite is an adventure in itself. Let yourself be surprised by the marvellous adventures of the protagonist of this reading, at the same time as you discover which snack will be the next to touch you.

The Lord of the Rings 

“Lord of the Rings”, you embark on an epic adventure with the Kaskys. This is Tosfrit’s perfect snack, as these fried corn rings have the ideal shape, a ring. You can find up to 4 different flavours, the classic Kaskys, the cheese flavoured Kaskys, the Barbecue flavoured Kaskys and the Hot Bravissimo Kaskys. This snack is perfect to accompany you on long hours of adventure. Which flavour is your favourite?  

Romeo and Juliet 

When you immerse yourself in the tragic love story of “Romeo and Juliet” and relive this eternal romance, we advise you to have a snack with you that makes you happy just by naming it, and you will be able to control your emotions. That’s why we recommend a great Tosfrit classic that never fails: our Apetinas.  This snack is the perfect accompaniment to a passionate and memorable read. The story ends in drama, and we warn you that when your bag of Apetinas runs out, it’s going to be a real drama for you too. You’ll want another bag for sure.  

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Get into “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” with our Manos Locas.  This product, as amazing as Wonka’s factory itself, is the perfect snack for this story. With every bite, you will experience the wonder of discovering the cheesy taste of the Manos Locas. . Plus its shape will evoke the fantasy spirit of the book. The perfect snack to accompany Charlie on his visit to the chocolate factory. 

At the end of this literary and culinary journey with “The best books and snacks for your reading moments”, we hope to have inspired you to combine your passions for reading and the taste of our Tosfrit products. From the magic of Hogwarts to the drama of Verona, every page and every bite takes you into a world of discovery and enjoyment. At Tosfrit, we believe that every reading deserves its own moment of disconnection and accompanying it with our snacks makes it a perfect moment. Share with us your favourite reads and snacks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and  Tiktok