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Challenges with Tosfrit snacks for the smallest cookers

Looking for exciting and original ways to spend time with friends and family? Snack challenges are the perfect option to add a touch of fun to any gathering. With Tosfrit’s delicious products, you can create a series of challenges that are not only entertaining, but […]

Create the perfect picnic with your favourite Tosfrit snacks

Summer always brings us longer days and better weather, and without a doubt what we like most at this time of year is to enjoy outdoor plans. One of our favourites is to organise a picnic with good company and, of course, accompanied by a […]

Discover what’s new at Tosfrit: the Ranchitos!

At Tosfrit we always strive to offer you a wide variety of flavours and experiences with each of our products. We don’t want you to remain indifferent, we want our products to teleport you to different places depending on their flavour. That’s why we are […]

Choose the right Tosfrit snack for every festival

We know festival season is approaching and we didn’t want to leave you without ideas on what to take to these kinds of events. Making sure you bring the right snacks can make your experience even more exciting and enjoyable. Our products are ideal to […]

Tosfrit has the perfect snack for you

In the diverse world of snacks, each of us has a favourite that reflects part of our essence. Are you more of an intense adventurer or do you prefer the comforting classics? At Tosfrit, we have the perfect snack for every personality type. Find out […]

Bruschetta with a Tosfrit Touch

Discover how to transform your favourite snacks into innovative and delicious dishes. What if we were to combine the tradition of Extra Crispy Totas with a gourmet Italian twist? Bruschetta is the name given to a dish originating from Italian cuisine, considered one of Italy’s […]

The best books and snacks for your reading moments

The world of books is so vast that every reader has the desire to explore this magical world through the pages of a book. But what if we combine this literary passion with the pleasure of the taste of a perfectly chosen snack? At Tosfrit, […]

Un cuento de aventura: “Viaje al planeta Tosfrit”

Once upon a time there was a school where every day, when the bell rang for recess, the children ran out into the playground to play and share their break time. Among them was Laura, a curious girl who was a bit different from the […]

La dupla perfecta: tradiciones de Pascua y snacks de Tosfrit

La Pascua es una época del año repleta de tradiciones, reencuentros con familiares y, por supuesto, deliciosas comidas que unen a seres queridos. Tosfrit es consciente de la importancia de compartir estos momentos, y por eso tenemos el complemento perfecto para cualquier celebración. Desde la […]

A journey through our smokiest snacks

In the world of food, there are flavours that simply capture the essence of happy moments, gatherings with friends and that special touch that makes every bite memorable. One of the flavours that arouses interest is barbecue, a favourite choice for lovers of intense, smoky […]

Tosfrit Recipe: Croquettes with Totas

How about putting a fun twist on the classic ham croquettes? In this recipe, we show you how to make delicious croquettes using an unexpected ingredient: Tosfrit’s ham-flavoured Totas. Get ready to surprise your taste buds with this crunchy and tasty combination! Ingredients: 100 grams […]

Flavors to fall in love with: a Valentine’s Day with Tosfrit

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate love than with a romantic dinner at home and a movie night snuggled up on the couch. To make this evening truly special and tasty, add your favorite Tosfrit snacks. In this […]

Tosfrit’s best snacks of 2023

Although we are already in February 2024, we can’t stop thinking about the amazing snacks that appeared in 2023. Tosfrit, as always, surprised us with new flavors adding to a huge variety of delicious options that deserve to be mentioned as some of the best […]

Family Christmas with Tosfrit: Creativity and unique flavors

Christmas is a magical time to spend time with the family, and what better way to do it than through creative activities that involve the little ones. Here are three ideas for Christmas activities you can enjoy with the kids while relaxing with a delicious […]

Cuatro sabores y una crujiente experiencia de sabor

En el universo de los aperitivos de Tosfrit, pocos pueden igualar la popularidad y el sabor irresistible de los Kaskys. Estos crujientes snacks de Tosfrit se han convertido en uno de vuestros favoritos. Si aún no has probado estos deliciosos aperitivos o eres un amante […]

Pair Your French Fries the Traditional Way

Last month, we told you about the exciting launch of our Traditional Style Potato Chips. Crispy, tasty and now available in a convenient new 200g format for just €1.50, these chips are a real treat for the senses. But why enjoy them on their own […]

Horror nights and delicious snacks with Tosfrit

Autumn has arrived, and with it, the perfect season for lovers of horror movies and delicious snacks. The nights are getting longer, the leaves are falling from the trees and a chill runs down everyone’s spine. Are you one of those who still feel the […]

Traditional Flavor Comes in a New Size!

At Tosfrit, we’re always looking for ways to satisfy your cravings and offer you delicious snacks that fit your lifestyle. Today, we are excited to introduce you to our latest novelty: the new 200g traditional style potato chips format for only 1,50 €! And that’s […]

Delicious lactose-free snacks for your movie nights

Movie nights at home are a special time to relax, unwind and enjoy your favorite movies. However, if you are lactose intolerant, finding delicious snacks to accompany the moment and not cause you discomfort can be a challenge. Don’t worry! Tosfrit has a line of […]

Tosfrit, a unique experience for cheese lovers

If you are one of those who feel a true passion for cheese, you are in the right place. At Tosfrit, we have a line of products with authentic cheese flavor that will transport you to a paradise of crunchy and delicious bites that will […]

Plans and snacks to make the return to the routine more pleasant

The vacation season may have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun and enjoyment should stop. In this blog, we bring you a guide full of exciting plans and delicious snacks that will help you smooth the transition from vacation to the […]

¡Taco dip with Cornetes WOW!

Ingredients: Cornetes Wow Ground or shredded meat Taco spice mix Iceberg lettuce Cherry tomatoes cut into halves Thinly sliced ​​red onion Shredded cheddar cheese Sour cream Tomato sauce or sauce of your choice Chopped fresh coriander Lemon (optional) Salt and pepper to taste Instructions: In […]

An explosion of flavor and variety for every palate

At Tosfrit, we are proud to present our wide range of tots, a true delight for snack lovers. From classic flavors to innovative combinations, our tots are designed to give you an irresistible experience of taste and texture. In this blog, we invite you to […]

Joining forces against hunger: Tosfrit supports the #NoHomeWithoutFood campaign

At Tosfrit, we believe in the power of community and the importance of helping others. That’s why we are pleased to announce our participation in the #NoHomeWithoutFood campaign, an initiative led by Fundación La Caixa and CaixaBank to combat food poverty and provide assistance to […]

Get ready to organize theme parties with Tosfrit snacks!

If you are looking for creative ideas to surprise your guests, look no further. We present you some exciting proposals to organize themed parties using Tosfrit products as protagonists. From a Mexican party with nachos and sauces to a movie night with popcorn and assorted […]

Crispy Chicken with Torcis Chili-Lima

In search of a recipe that combines flavor, texture, and a touch of spice? Look no further, because we have created the perfect recipe for you with our Torcis Chili-Lima. Introducing Crispy Chicken with Torcis, a delicious combination of juicy chicken, crispy breading, and the […]

4 ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day with the best Tosfrit snacks

Mother’s Day here in Spain is a special occasion to honor that special person who has dedicated her life to taking care of us and loving us unconditionally. This day is perfect to show your mom how much you love her and how important she […]

Tosfrit will assist at the Tuttofood fair in Milan

Tosfrit is pleased to announce its presence at the Tuttofood fair in Milan, which will take place from May 8th to 11th. This fair is one of the most important in the food industry in Europe, bringing together companies from around the world to showcase […]

Tosfrit is collaborating in the 13th edition of the “Vuelta a Sierra Espuña” event.

At Tosfrit, we have always been committed to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and there is no better way to promote it than through sports. That’s why we are proud to have collaborated in the 13th edition of the “Vuelta a Sierra Espuña,” a mountain […]

Tosfrit and our fantastic four

Within the Earth’s globe, there are countless things that resemble each other and that we could compare. For example, a bride’s veil with my grandmother’s curtains, a green parakeet with a piece of lettuce, a fresh egg with a peach in syrup, a walnut with […]

In exams, de-stress with Tosfrit

Okay, these weeks you are probably overwhelmed with final exams. The usual dilemma is whether to go to the library in pajamas or sleep all afternoon to study in silence at night. But who doesn’t need a break to forget about all the stress? During […]

Tosfrit wins the Best Chip 2022 Award of the Snacks Seminar

On September 29th, the XV Snack Seminar took place at the NH Nacional hotel on Paseo del Prado in Madrid, under the theme “The fifth dimension of snacks.” The event was organized by the Association of Manufacturers in the sector and the magazine Dulces Noticias… […]